1. Automatic dusk to dawn operations
    With solar street lights, there is no issue of changing the settings for the different weather conditions as it turns on and off automatically. It even turns on when the natural lights dim out to certain levels during the day for cloudy weather conditions. 
  2. Cable-free operation
    Any standard street light requires wiring to be done all around it. But the solar panel street lights are free from any wiring clutter. These differ from the traditional street lights in the fact that here the whole body of the product including the battery are concise and concealed inside with no requirement for additional wiring on the outside.

  3. The variability of working hours
    The working hours of solar street lights are not fixed, and these vary depending on several factors like season, present weather conditions, geographical locations, and the availability of light for a given period of time. The lights might dim out when it does not receive much sunlight for prolonged periods on rainy, cloudy, and wintery days.
  4. High transmission of lights
    The solar street lights are fitted with optical grade materials that ensure very high average light transmission. The ideal color mixing results in the highest possible efficiency and large area coverage than the traditional electric lights.  Solar Lights In Jabalpur, Solar street lights in Jabalpur, solar panel lights in Jabalpur, Solar Lights In Katni, Solar Lights In Bhopal, Solar Lights Company in Jabalpur, best solar lights company in Jabalpur, best solar lights company in Jabalpur, solar light for garden.

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